Crochet Tattoo is a unique way of creating the world's tightest fitting woolen catsuits by working directly on the body. Unlike classical crochet and knitting, the number and the tightness of the mailles in each row follow exactly the curves of your body. No simplification, no abstraction in the shapes -just real YOU.

It is just as much about the final result as about the process itself. Crochet Tattoo is definitely for patient wool fetishists who enjoy slowly developing feelings and views. Imagine a young lady spending hours and hours fitting more and more wool around your skin -inducing a progressively growing warmth and pressure in the fabric and a "hypnotic" state through the repetitive movements. If this appeals to you, Crochet Tatto could be your thing.

With me, you can also discuss your fetishes, that I will most probably understand. There is hardly anything within textile fetishism that would shock me to hear about and I KNOW in what state you are likely to spend at least the first few hours between my hands, so take it easy :-)

Ø, textile designer