How it works

You send me an email describing your wishes: type of garment/accessories (catsuit, mask, socks, bodybag...); properties of the wool; motifs; etc. You can join photos, drawings or long explanations -in any case, we will find a way to understand each other :-)

I will get back to you with an offer calculated on the basis of the design (50-500 euro) and the working time (20 euro/h) plus the raw material costs if I bring the wool myself. As my method implies a certain degree of improvisation, the offer will have +-15% imprecision. However, if I had to override these 15%, any additionnel work would be free of charge.

Upon your validation of the offer, we plan the session: either at my workshop in Marseille or at any place of your choice in the Schengen zone, the transport and the accommodation being at your charge.

There we go! We will spend together 8-10 hours per day (exceptionally more), me crocheting around your body and you letting me do. We will alternate moments where the cloth grows directly on your body, and parts fabricated "normally" (namely the joints, which will be knitted for more flexibility, or the tight connections between the toe). We will try the garment on very frequently while making those parts, until the planned surface is fully covered.